Buying Colour Box Miniatures

Growing and adding to a collection is now easier than ever due to the multitude of offline and online shopping outlets.

Direct from Peter Peter is still sculpting pieces and when a new item is launched it will feature in the news section of this site and on the dedicated Facebook group.  Alternatively, sign up for the mailing list to receive information direct to your inbox.


If you prefer to check items for any damage etc. before purchasing then bargains can be found in charity shops, jumble sales, flea markets and car boot sales.  If browsing in a charity shop and you spot an item, always ask the staff if they have other similar items lurking in their stock room.  Charity shops can be a real treasure trove and many can be limited for shelf space on the shop floor so other items could still be waiting to go out for sale hidden from view in the stock room.

Antique shops are another other option, however, bargains may not be so easy to find.


Shopping online certainly offers more choice than ever before, the only downsides are that you cant inspect items prior to purchase and you have to wait for delivery and on occasion items may suffer damage in transit.

When buying online always remember to do the following:

  • Inspect all photos for any sign of damage.
  • Read the description of the item, especially if it looks like it is showing signs of damage in the photos or if the photos are unclear.  The description may give full details of the condition of the item.
  • If you are unsure if an item is a genuine Peter Fagan Colour Box item ask the seller for further information – does it have a base label, are there any impressed makers marks (please refer to the separate section on how to identify pieces), have they owned the piece from new? 
  • It’s also worth noting, just because an item is pictured with Colour Box packaging does not automatically mean it’s a genuine Colour Box piece.
  • Take note of any postage charges, how payment can be made and the seller’s feedback.
  • If you are still unsure feel free to pop a post on our Facebook page or email

Our dedicated Facebook group often sees collectors offering items for sale and is a great way to add items to your collection especially colourways, limited editions and specials.

eBay is a hugely popular site with over 1,800 Peter Fagan items listed for sale.  

Other selling sites include Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree, Vinted and Preloved to name just a few.

Auction houses showcase their catalogues online and from time to time collections and job-lots of Peter’s work can be found.  When buying at auction it is worth noting the fees, charges and shipping that will be applied if your bid is successful. Descriptions from auction houses can be a little short so it is always worth asking for a condition report and extra photos especially if something catches your eye