Collector’s Club Magazines

Each quarter a newsletter was issued featuring news, stories and updates of new releases.  The “Colour Box Collector” was originally produced in black and white, however it wasn’t until 1989 that a full colour edition was launched.  In 1991 the magazine received not only a new look but also a new name, “Collections and Reflections”.  Often included with the magazines were a range of flyers and leaflets.  Details where known are included in the list below.

1987The Colour Box Collector
2Spring 1988
3Summer 1988
4Autumn 1988
5Christmas 1988
6Spring 1989
7Summer 1989First full colour newsletter
8Autumn 1989
9Winter 1989
10Spring 1990Flyers included: Theordores Pastimes and Decorative Cat Collectors Club Limited Editions and Silver Miniatures order form
11Summer 1990Flyers included: Silver Miniatures order form
12Autumn 1990Flyers included: Collectors Club Roadshow, Collectors Club Weekend
13Winter 1990Flyers included: Collectors Club Weekend and Christmas Card
14Spring 1991Flyers included: Redemption Certificate for Lifeguard and Mothers Pride Collectors Club Limited Editions, Mayday in Harrods with Colour Box and Colour Box Teddy Bear books
15Summer 1991Flyers included: Questionnaire, Order Form for Retired Pieces, All You Wanted to Know About Colour Box and the Collectors Club Weekend, Buster and the Busker, Colour Box Sick Kids Appeal
16Autumn 1991New Look and New Name: Collections & Reflections. Flyers included: Redemption Certificate for Dressing Table and Time for Reflection Collectors Club Limited Editions
17Winter 1991Christmas Card included
18Spring 1992Flyers included: Redemption Certificate for Picnic Puss and Out for a Run Collectors Club Limited Edtiions, Bertram Bear by Deans
19Summer 1992Flyers included: Tick Tock Ted Handcast Clock
20Autumn 1992Flyers included: Colour Box Collectors Postcards by Perspectives, Chocolate Chip, Prudence and Jonathan Deans Bears
21Winter 1992Christmas Card included. Flyers included: Morris Minor Deans Bear
22Spring 1993Flyers included: Tales of Teddies by Queens China Limited Edition Collector’s Club Plate, Colour Box Collector Postcards Set 2, Child Safety Week (Safety Ted), Redeption Certificate for Laundry Pups, Sail Away and Doll’s House Collectors Club Limited Editions
23Summer 1993Flyers included: Colour Box Teddy Brooch by Handcast (Bruno, Grandma Rosie, Prudence, Jerome)
24Autumn 1993Flyers included: Paisley Deans Bear
25Winter 1993Christmas Card included
26Spring 1994Flyers included: Catsnaps by Perspectives, Redemption Certificate for Sopwith’s Solo Flight and Private Entrance Collectors Club Limited Editions
27Summer 1994Flyers included: Binkie Dens Bear, Club Offers
28Autumn 1994Flyers included: The First Colour Box Calendar for 1995, Adrian Deans Bear
29Winter 1994Christmas Card included. Flyers included: Tales of Teddies Queen’s China Second Edition Collector’s Club Plate
30Spring 1995Flyers included: The Colour Box Festival, Variations (Club Offers), Collectors Guide to Home Sweet Home and Teddy Bears
31Summer 1995Flyers included: Redepemption Certificate for The Happy Couple, The Toy Chest and The Head Gardener Collectors Club Limited Editions, Variations Sales Leaflet
32Autumn 1995Flyers included: Variations Sales Leaflet
33Winter 1995Christmas Card included. Flyers included: Variations Sales Leaflet
34Spring 1996Flyers included: Massive Warehouse Clearance, Redemption Certificate for Case of Kittens and Eric and Friend Collectors Club Limited Editions, Variations Sales Leaflet
35Summer 1996Flyers included: Variations Sales Leaflet
36Autumn 1996Flyers included: Variations Sales Leaflet
37Winter 1996Christmas Card included with £2 off voucher. Flyers included: Teddy Bear Club International Thomas Bear, Variations Sales Leaflet
38Spring 1997Flyers included: Redemption Certificate for The Bureaucats and Clowning Around Collectors Club Limited Editions, Bearies Order Form and Variations Sales Leaflet
39Summer 1997Flyers included: Colour Box Showcase and Variations Sales Leaflet
40Autumn 1997Flyers included: Stephen the Stamp Collecting Bear and Variations Sales Leaflet
41Winter 1997Christmas Card included. Flyers included: Colour Box Christmas Party at Collectables, Variations Christmas Collection Sales Catalogue
42Spring 1998Biggest Ever Edition. Flyers included: Redemption Certificate for Out for a Duck and Collector Bear Collectors Club Limited Edition, Variations Sale Order Form and Variations Sring Collection Catalogue
43Summer 1998Flyers included: Variations Sales Leaflet
44Autumn 1998Flyers included: Important Diary Dates, Paddington Bear, Variations Sales Leaflet
45Winter 1998Christmas Card included. Flyers included: February 1999 Deletions, Grand Pre-Millennium Extravganza, Variation Christmas Collection Sales Catalogue
46Spring 1999Flyers included: Redemption Certificate for New Arrivals and Bumps a Daisy Collectors Club Limited Editions, Variations Sale Order Form
47Summer 1999Flyers included: Variations Sale Order Form
48Autumn 1999Flyers included: Variations Sale Order Form, Theodore String Thing, Letter from Peter
49Winter 1999Christmas Card included
50Last ever edition