Collector’s Club

The Peter Fagan Collectors Club is free to join and is available exclusively online via our Facebook group.  Fans of Peter’s work are encouraged to join the group where they can connect and exchange collecting ‘chat’ with fellow enthusiasts.

The group is well-established and we are a friendly and welcoming bunch, although friendly rivalry can emerge between the bear and cat collectors from time to time ;-).

The Club is centred around the Facebook group which acts as a hub where you can connect with like-minded collectors, share, learn and develop your knowledge of collection Peter’s work. Members are encouraged to take part in open discussions about collecting Peter’s works.

If you are new to the group, feel free to say “hello” and share your collecting story. We love to hear what others collect and what their favourite pieces are, and you may be inspired by other members’ methods of displaying by viewing photos of their pieces or collections..

Sharing Knowledge
There are many knowledgeable collectors within the group who are willing to help and share information about Peter’s various ranges. If you found a piece and are unsure if it’s genuine or you want to know more such as its name, feel free to pop a photo on the group feed where fellow members can respond.

Each year we hold a Collector’s Event in the picturesque village of Ford, Northumberland, where Peter lives. This is a great opportunity to meet Peter and socialise with other collectors, and purchase special edition pieces exclusive to those who attend the event. Previous events have included treasure hunts, quizzes and other games. A highlight of the events is artistic workshops led by Peter giving collectors the chance to model, sculpt and paint pieces for themselves. Collectors can also take this opportunity to bring pieces to sell/trade with other collectors.

For those unable to attend the Collector’s Event, we take plenty of photographs and these can be viewed within the Facebook group.

Buying and Selling
Peter’s latest releases are advertised on the Facebook group, giving members an early notification of availability.

Members can advertise pieces for sale in the Facebook group, including rare and hard-to-find items. Note however you do need to be a member of the group for a minimum of three months before offering items for sale.