1983 – 1999
Launched in 1983 the Hopscotch Minis Collection (sometimes just referred to as Hopscotch) was one of the first ranges launched by Peter Fagan under the Colour Box Miniatures brand name.  This range was hugely popular due to its affordability.  This range of individual animals had huge appeal and due to their size didn’t take up too much space.  Some of the Hopscotch cats can also be found on several Home Sweet Home pieces such as Gangs Chair.  Each piece was allocated a code number however some of these were duplicated over the years.  

In 1990 10 Hopscotch pieces were selected and painted in suitably festive colours (mainly white with hints of silver, red and green) and offered as a limited edition of 750 pieces,  Each piece was supplied with a red mini gift bag and tag.

In 1993 following the success of Jurassic Park at the cinema, Peter created a set of 6 dinosaurs.  A set of 6 exotic birds was introduced into the range a year later. As the mid-’90s approached Colour Box launched a new range of Hopscotch called Hopscotch Maxis.  These were slightly larger in size than their mini counterparts and featured a selection of Hedgehogs and Frogs.