Pennywhistle Lane

1993 – 1996
1993 not only marked the 10th anniversary of Colour Box Miniatures but it also meant the introduction of a new range of pieces titled Pennywhistle Lane.  Inspiration for this range came from real toys owned by Peter Fagan, who transported them into an imaginary setting of what might be found in an attic.  Indeed an attic was not only the first piece in the collection but it became the central display piece for the range along with an accompanying bedroom which fitted beneath the attic.  The attic was home to all the characters and a family of mice nicknamed the Whistlers.  Each of these had its own stories to tell, each of which was written by Peter’s wife, Frances Fagan.

A special commemorative coin struck by the Royal Mint was given away with the first 500 pieces of the attic.  Each coin was similar in size and weight to a predecimal penny and came in a special presentation box.