How to repair items

If you, unfortunately, damage a piece whilst dusting or your recent eBay purchases arrive damaged, do not panic as depending on the extent of the damage pieces can be repaired.

First, find a stable clean work space and assess the extent of the damage and check you have all the pieces.  An item showing a clean break is the easiest to repair.  Ensure each broken part is clean and free from dust, apply a small dab of superglue to each part and align both pieces until the join is hard to see. If any residue from the glue is showing quickly wipe it away with a tissue or a cotton bud.  Hold the items firmly in place until the glue sets.  If the glue leaves a white mark, try and remove this with a cotton bud dipped in water and gently wipe over the piece.  Alternatively, a spot of paint will conceal any marks.  Most model paint should do the trick.  

For a break that results in numerous parts, this is not always the end.  Gather up all the pieces and a bit like putting a jigsaw together plan the order in which the pieces need to go back together.  A steady hand is needed but working slowly will be the key.  Follow the steps outlined above and your pieces should be looking as good as new in no time.

If you aren’t feeling brave enough to attempt a repair yourself, don’t worry as Peter might be able to help.  Email for more information.