Peter Fagan Collections

Peter has continued creating bear and cat collectables since Colour Box closed in 2000.

Peter created DF Design Agency in 2000 as a way of offering a more personal touch to collectors along with undertaking special commissions.  The collectors club for a short period of time was run through The Westminster Collection, however, in late 2001 it was decided the collectors club would be run directly through DF Design Agency where a more personal and competitive service.

In August 2002 it was announced that Peter had been advised to stop working by his doctor due to ill health.  Many thought this was the end of the wonderful creations produced by Peter.

However, in 2003, following a period of ill health, Peter came bouncing back.  Changes had to be made though and it was decided that the collectors club would be run by collectors for collectors (initially by the late Wendy Hewins and more recently by Denise White).

Whilst pieces are issued on an infrequent basis, they are full of creativity and each is produced and hand painted by Peter.