Test gallery

TC001aCurios Shop88Original Version with hollow inside and no Peregrine. All as TC001a but with Jonathan TC611.
TC019aBear Back Rider Colourway29/04/1996Yellow Red Spotted Horse with red and blue Bear for Lawleys Collectors Sunday Haydock Park
TC045aRacing TedMay-94Original Issue through Barclaycard Profile Points Light Blue Car
TC059aChildline Charlie01/12/1996 With 10 on Telephone
TC087aCocoa Colourway29/11/1997With Green Hat for Marcella’s Gift Shop, Hillcrest, S.A.
TC094Joshua and JuniorJul-97
TC040Jim Lad2/96-3/98
TC052Sarah & Ted7/96-7/99
TC076aEdward and Golly Colourway9/03-From Arch House Collectables
TC077Emma3/97-3/98From 4/03 available through Arch House Collectables @ �8.99
TC076Edward and Golly3/97-7/99
TC033Congratulations Bear2/96-7/97
TC034Best Wishes Bear2/96-7/97
TC035Good Luck Bear2/96-7/97
TC036Birthday Card Bear2/96-7/98
TC051Happy Christmas Bear Card7/96-3/98
TC073Tiny and Jumbo3/97-7/98
TC090Doc ‘Get Well Soon’7/97-2/99
TC030Firefighter BearFeb-96
TC031Irish Bear2/96-7/99
TC032Highland BearFeb-96
TC050Ballerina Bear7/96-7/98
TC029Smiley Birthday Bear2/96-7/99
TC047Teddy Brew7/96-3/98
TC048Brush Up Bear7/96-3/98
TC049Miss Jones7/96-7/98
TC069Olga & Corbet3/97-7/98
TC072Strong Bear3/97-2/99
TC088Chris and Cross7/97-2/99
TC026Michael & Smokey2/96-2/99
TC027Happy Ever After2/96-7/99From 4/03 available from Arch House Collectables @ �14.99
TC055Peter and Frances BearJul-96
TC058Romany & Lucky7/96-7/98
TC099Danny Bear7/97-2/99
TC099aDanny Bear Colourway10/08/1997With Red Jumper for Lauder ‘Anniversary’ Edition of 500
TC023With Love Bears2/96-7/99
TC025Bea Bear2/96-7/97
TC043Lancelot Red Tie7/96-3/98
TC059Childline Charlie3/97-7/98With ‘C’ on telephone
TC085Nicola The Nurse7/97-7/99
TC086Top of the Class7/97-7/99
TC063Blue Suede Shoes3/97-7/98
TC064Purple Hearts3/97-3/98
TC065Red Devils3/97-7/98
TC066Green Berets3/97-3/98
TC020ABlaze Colourway22/06/1996With Black Band on Helmet for Collectables Stockton on Tees Black Band on Helmet
TC020bBlaze Colourway20/06/1996With Two Stripes on Helmet for Berwick on Tweed Big Bear Bonanza.
TC022Lenny2/96-3/98See STC006 for Foreman Lenny
TC046Ton Up Ted7/96-7/98 Chiefy Fraser TC629
TC084Digby and Chum3/97-2/99
TC018Eliza7/95-12/95Withdrawn Production Problems Originally 260 Issued
TC019Bear Back Rider2/95-12/95
TC012Warder Windsor9/95-2/97Launched 13/8/94 at Selfridges 100 Copies Signed.
TC014Sgt. Pepper-Mint Mould 1 9/94-2/97Launched 13/8/94 at Selfridges 100 Copies Signed. With Plume and 2 stripes
TC014aSgt. Pepper Mint Mould 2Feb-95No Plume and 3 stripes
TC021Chaise Longe2/96-2/97Ex. PL802
TC006Lap of Honour2/96-7/97
TC007Pirate Jake2/96-7/98
TC008Special Delivery2/96-7/97
TC009Captain Samuel Fearless2/96-7/97
TC011Mr. Growler’s First Lesson3/94-7/98
TC013PC Hero9/94-3/98Launched 13/8/94 at Selfridges 100 Copies Signed.
TC044Father Christmas Bear7/96-3/98
TC045Racing Ted7/96-3/98Green Car
TC061Roll-Up Rodney3/97-7/98
TC061aRoll-Up Rodney12/97-7/98With Two Eyes
TC062Worland Bear7/97-2/99Modeled on Lexie Haworth’s Original Bear. Issued in Australia for ‘Teddy Bear Shop’ as a limited edition of 500
TC083To Have and To Hold7/97-7/99
TC083aTo Have and To Hold Colourway20/11/1997For 50th Anniversary of Ricemans, Canterbury. Inscribed 47 97 with Red trim to hat, Red Flowers and Red trim to dress.
TC100Mayday Bear (RNLI)3/98-See also STC022 for variation
TC010Bedtime2/96-2/97Ex. Pennywhistle Lane PL800
TC016Chimbley Sweep7/95-2/97
TC017The Guv7/95-2/97
TC043aLancelot Blue TiePre. 7/96$49.95 NZ. Edition of 350
TC003Getting Better2/95-2/97Beatrice TC326, Nicola the Nurse TC085. Legs joined to base.
TC003aGetting BetterFeb-95Original Version. Legs on bed not joined to model underneath.
TC028Teddy Bus20/1/96-7/99Special Point of Sale Display available
TC028STeddy Bus Colourway26/11/1998With Brown and Cream Livery and name Ricemans on side for Ricemans of Canterbury Gala Day
TC002Bea Bear’s Barrow3/94-12/95Bea Bear TC025
TC056Teddy Sleigh Mk.17/96 OnlySpace in bottom. Approx. 300 released
TC056aTeddy Sleigh Mk .27/96-3/98Extra Red Parcel in Centre
TC097Christmas Chimney7/97-7/98
TC004The Flower Cart02/12/1995Limited Edition 1500
TC001Curios Shop88-2/97Robert TC411, August String Bear TC412, Gustav Von Bruin TC413, Peregrine TC510
Collector’s Club
TC005The Jolly RogerFeb-96First version was smaller than second. Mast broke easily
TC005aThe Jolly Roger2/96-7/97Longer mast
TC005bThe Jolly Roger15/06/1996Colourway for Mayflower Galleries named “The Mayflower” Limited Edition of 21
TC005cThe Jolly RogerColourway with Green Sails for Ricemans of Canterbury
TC060Helter Skelter3/97-2/99
TC060aHelter SkelterBlack and Gold for Ravens of Southend. Edition of 45