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  • How are Colour Box and Peter Fagan figures made?

    The first job is to come up with an idea, this is often helped by suggestions from collectors and lots of cups of tea.  Peter gains inspiration from many different sources.  The antics for the cat pieces come from his own cats and he uses recollections from childhood along with history books, photos and postcards…

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  • How to repair items

    If you, unfortunately, damage a piece whilst dusting or your recent eBay purchases arrive damaged, do not panic as depending on the extent of the damage pieces can be repaired. First, find a stable clean work space and assess the extent of the damage and check you have all the pieces.  An item showing a…

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  • Peter Fagan Art

    Whilst Peter is known around the globe for his wonderful Colour Box creations, he also has a talent for creative and abstract art. Having recently launched a new website,, Peter works from his home and studio in the historic village of Ford, Berwick Upon Tweed. A multi-disciplinary artist, Peter works primarily with paint resin…

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  • Featured collector – Rachael Fretter

    Number of Pieces:  3000 and counting!! Favourite Collection/Piece:  Due to my extensive collection it’s difficult to choose one specific favourite as I have several.  Washing Cat from the Hopscotch Collection is a particular favourite as this started my collecting journey.  Gangs Chair from the Home Sweet Home range as this prompted me to join the collectors…

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  • Review of Peter Fagan Collectors Weekend and 80th Birthday Celebration

    3 – 4 September 2022, Lady Waterford Hall, Ford, Berwick Upon Tweed By Rachael Fretter The annual collector’s event was even more special than usual this year as it was the perfect occasion to celebrate Peter’s upcoming 80th birthday. Collectors from across the UK and as far as the USA descended upon the pretty village…

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  • Should I insure my collection?

    For many of us, our collections can be some of our most prized possessions but do we need to get specialist insurance to protect them? If you want peace of mind, you may wish to consider insurance either through your home contents insurance policy or through specialist collectors insurance. Like most insurance, collector’s insurance is…

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  • Taking care of your collection 

    Items produced by Peter are cast from a ceramic/resin mix which makes them very durable.  However, they still need to be handled with care to avoid chips and more serious damage.  If any of your pieces suffer any damage there is no need to panic as Peter does offer a repair service, for more details…

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  • How to Display your Collection

    To help eliminate damage and the amount of time spent dusting your collection it is advisable to display items behind glass and away from direct sunlight to ensure the vibrancy of the paint does not fade or degrade over time. Due to the sheer number of pieces Peter has produced over the years then it…

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  • Identifying Colour Box Miniatures and the work of Peter Fagan

    This document is to act as a guide to help identify pieces by giving details of base labels and markings that can be found on pieces. 

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  • Valuations of Colour Box Miniatures

    Like most collectables, the value of pieces can fluctuate over the years and the work of Peter is no different.  A valuation service is offered by lifelong collector and website curator Rachael Fretter.  Rachael has extensive knowledge of all the collections Peter produces and checks eBay daily to get a feel for the market.  The…

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